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Cyber vs retro: women’s sneakers for a/w 24/25

The contemporary aesthetic favors quiet luxury, a reassuring and discreet style, made up of garments and accessories that go beyond fashions, intended to last due to the use of high-quality materials and low-profile silhouettes. An attitude that favors “dress shoes,” as seen on the runways for fall-winter 24/25, namely boots, Mary-Janes, pumps and sling backs, which belong to the made-in-Italy tradition. So what happened to the sneakers that continue to invade the streets and are, in any case, on everyone’s feet and cross-generational? Their popularity seems unstoppable because they are indispensable for comfort and practicality, and for this reason present in most collections for next winter. To go along with the prevailing sentiment of timeless products, fashion winks at the models of the past, with thin bottoms, but without disdaining the avant-garde of futuristic shapes with chunky soles. And among the latest frontiers, sneakers are the type of shoes that are making the greatest efforts to move closer to sustainability standards, where they are experimenting with next-generation or recycled materials The high level of consumer approval is undeniable, so much so that la Rinascente has dedicated the Sneakers Land project to these shoes, a space on the -1 floor of the Milan flagship in Piazza Duomo, where until April 8 it is possible to find many trendy models with a brand mix ranging from the highest-performance Asics, New Balance and Salomon, to the retro taste of Adidas and Puma, to the made-in-Italy shoes of D.A.T.E., Premiata and Saint Sneakers.

Retro sneaker

They are reminiscent of the tennis and basketball models of the past, those worn and launched by the great sports champions. Low-profile designs, uppers that are often monochrome (total white is an ode to minimalism) or with discreet color details, and thin rubber soles or box bottoms are the hallmarks of this series of shoes that have long since left the tennis and basketball courts and entered the everyday sphere.

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Eleventy Milano
La Martina
Candice Cooper
Off Play
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Bold and dynamic patterns

A little bit futuristic, a little bit technological, are those sneakers that have indulged in experimentation in materials, combinations of leathers and technical fabrics, and revisitations of soles and details. Certainly, among all types of footwear, sneakers lend themselves to research especially in bottoms that have become chunky and aggressive and in patchwork and colorful uppers. A reminder of the designs of the 1990s, when maxi soles were a status sysmbol of the rave cult.

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Diesel SD Runner X
Plein Sport
Voile Blanche
Eleventy Milano
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