Nostalgic looks of the past, but also use of artificial intelligence: the sneakers we’ll wear are a mix of contrasts… in harmony

Let’s look in detail at the most trending models according to WGSN, a London-based company that provides global brands with consumer and product design forecasts.

Light colors, in homage to spring, a nostalgic touch and, where possible, natural or eco-friendly materials. Sneakers for the spring-summer 2025 season seem to be taking a dip into the past, from the ubiquitous plimsolls to tennis-style, chic and comfortable at the same time, brought in for a grand revival by the catwalks and international stars. As WGSN’s Tamara Leguia explained during a recent conference at MICAM X, the innovation hub of MICAM Milan, the new sneakers “are the perfect embodiment of the oxymoron ‘harmonic contrast,’ which involves a retro look but also the use of innovative materials and artificial intelligence.”


Touches reminiscent of the world of tailoring give a more elegant and “high” look to the classic tennis sneakers, iconic shoes that we see, since their beginnings, in very light colors, such as optical white, ice and cream. Only a few touches of color in botanical tones – very delicate greens, taupe and beige – enliven an almost total whiteness.


Tennis sneakers

A round toe and rubber toe box, plimsolls originally had no distinction between the left and right shoe, but were designed for both feet in a single pattern. For the upcoming warm season, choose them with “breakout” elements starting with colorful stitching or contrasting laces or parts, which manage to liven up even a very simple workmanship. Tennis sneakers


Running sneakers

The quintessential running shoes are declined, just like tennis ones, in the lightest and most delicate colors. Here the touches of color are really very few: even the laces remain candid. This season, we see these sneakers with the sole remodeled by artificial intelligence. The shapes are also designed with the intention of creating three-dimensional textures, especially on the uppers.


Hi-top sneakers

Even ankle-high sneakers, which have never gone out of fashion over the years, now take on a vaguely nostalgic look. Some even use organic cotton instead of plastic to form soles and uppers, and there will be an increasing move toward a change of materials in manufacturing processes. Embellishing the fabrics are often colorful floral-patterned embroideries: indeed, the green theme is also returning in decorations.


Retro runner

Seventies, welcome back: sneakers from that period seem to be revived in the new spring-summer 2025 season. There is the idea of being able to renew the upper by using different tactile fabrics, such as nappa leather or suede. And point, in this case, to color: given the crises and wars we are experiencing (Ukraine and Gaza above all), color can be a good way to bring joy and a lighthearted moment.


Key points of the new season:

  • Look for materials that have a “showy” and original texture.
  • Create versatile pieces that are adaptable to different environments and situations
  • Replace harmful materials with innovative solutions, perhaps rethinking production processes in a more sustainable way

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